In the chrysalis of change

Butterfly emerging from chrysalis

We must find our own way out of the chrysalis of change


Chrysalis of change

Like all life forms the caterpillar is born with an inbuilt evolutionary urge. At some point it will know it’s time to go somewhere safe and quiet to make it’s chrysalis whilst it transforms into a completely new life form.

It is not by accident it begins life crawling around. It cannot travel very far or very fast and it relies on its outer skin for defence in the form of camouflage or poisonous fur to protect it whilst it fulfils its basic needs. This is the first stage of its life, learning the basics.

We begin life in a similar way except our camouflage is the social identity we are conditioned to create so we can fit in with everyone else and survive. It has been this way for a very long time. Each generation passing down behaviour based on the survival mind and though in the past this would have often have meant to difference between life and death in recent times it has become a self-destructive behaviour on a global scale.

The fear-mind’s solution to the problem of survival has become a problem itself and has led us to a point where our environmentally destructive habits threaten the survival of all life on the planet. It is time for our evolutionary impulse to evolve from the survival mind to the conscious mind.

Rather than looking at insects and seeing something smaller and inferior to us. Could it be that we have much to learn from other life forms evolutionary journeys? After all many of them have been around much longer than humans. Perhaps the metamorphosis of the caterpillar into a butterfly represents this necessary evolution from humans mindlessly focusing on survival to heart-centred spiritual consciousness?


Entering the chrysalis

Like the caterpillar we have to enter our chrysalis period alone, we must also struggle to leave our chrysalis alone too. There are some things we can only do for ourselves and working out who we really are and what we’re here to do as spiritual beings is one of them. Time in your chrysalis is imperative for you to reflect on your life so far and understand the lessons learnt from it. It’s also a time to work out what you will do with the second half of your life when you transform from the caterpillar into the butterfly of spiritual consciousness.

How will you use these new abilities and skills that have evolved from your earlier life? How you will live in a heart-centred and conscious way? What will your life look like when you do?


Spiritual Metamorphosis

The caterpillar teaches us there are no short cuts to being a butterfly. It’s true the butterfly’s wings enable it to have a completely different perspective of the world and travel further and faster than the caterpillar ever could but it can only do this because it lived as a caterpillar first.

In the same way we need the lessons of our caterpillar stage of life to be the foundation for our own spiritual metamorphosis. This can only happen when we take the time in our chrysalis to understand and accept those life lessons. The spiritual wisdom of the butterfly can only grow from the hard work of the caterpillar.

© Amy Branton.

Amy Branton runs Free Heart EFT a heart centred therapy practice covering Brighton & Hove, Worthing, Lewes, Shoreham-By-Sea and Lancing dedicated to helping people bring positive change to their lives by improving their emotional, physical and spiritual health and wellbeing using EFT and Matrix Reimprinting.













A free heart is a happy heart

The healing path is the way back to your heart.

In life you will find many pathways to choose from. You may try different routes and travel far but only the healing path helps you find your way back to your heart…

This healing journey can be challenging as we navigate the emotionally painful experiences we will inevitably face in our lives. It doesn’t help that in our society showing emotion is considered to be a sign of weakness so we are taught to suppress and deny emotions rather than express and release them.

But often these challenging and painful experiences lead to us closing our heart to protect us as we fear being hurt again. Whilst it’s an understandable strategy to avoid further pain, emotions are energy and for us to stay healthy they need to flow otherwise suppressed emotions will eventually manifest as physical symptoms and disease in the body. It also disconnects us from our hearts guidance and wisdom. It is our heart that is our creative centre and it needs to be open for us to tap into our connection with the creative intelligence of the cosmos.

Free your heart with EFT and Matrix Reimprinting 

This is why freeing your heart from the emotional pain of the past is so important. Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting, a recent evolution of EFT are two revolutionary therapies from the emerging field of energy psychology that can help set you free from the pain of the past and open your heart to the joys of life again. They combine talking therapy with the eastern meridian energy system and are often referred to as ‘emotional acupuncture’ or ‘tapping’.

By focusing on your emotional issue whilst tapping on a sequence of meridian points on the head, upper body and hands you connect simultaneously with mental, emotional, sensory and higher dimensional information and energy within the subconscious mind to find the memories that are the root cause, clear the stuck energy that you’ve been carrying around often for many years and create new positive images in your subconscious mind. These positive images not only make us feel better emotionally but in studies undertaken by the Institute of Heart Math Research Center it has been proven that positive emotions also boost our immune system and so improve our physical health.

Co-creating with the universe

When you release the energetic blocks that have been holding you back and open your heart you are able to use this freed energy as a positive power source to begin co-creating with the universe, growing in new directions and creating what you desire in your life.

A free heart is a happy heart…

© Amy Branton

Amy Branton runs Free Heart EFT a heart centred therapy practice based in Sussex dedicated to helping people bring positive change to their lives using EFT and Matrix Reimprinting.