Unlocking the treasures of the heart

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How often do you take the time to sit quietly and really listen to your heart? With the busy lives many of us lead the chances are not very often. Our industrial society treats human beings as parts in a giant machine and there has been no place for the heart and it’s wisdom.

Instead we are taught that to be happy we must be successful and to be successful we need to work harder and harder to gain more material wealth.  I’m not saying all material wealth is bad. I like my material comforts as much as the next person but I have personally found the idea that a life of comfort and convenience is the road to happiness has not been true for me.

I found our busy noisy world was the road to stress and a breakdown. I know I am not alone. The reason everyone is so stressed is because they are following the conditioning of working harder and harder to achieve happiness through material gain and finding it’s not working. If it was working they would feel happy not stressed.


The origin of stress is fear

What many people fail to realise because they are too busy being stressed on the treadmill of industrial life is that stress originates from the emotion of fear. In evolutionary terms the industrial revolution happened in the blink of an eye and for many thousands of years before life evolved more slowly and the human body, mind and spirit had time to adapt.

The body is a highly adaptive survival organism that was designed with the three responses to a threat of death. Fight, flight and freeze. This programming is very strong because it had to be as back then it really could mean the difference between life and death.


Is stress really the way to happiness? 

In the concrete cities we now inhabit we no longer have the same type of threats to our survival but the body is still programmed to respond in this way to perceived threats. Instead of the fear of being eaten by a predator we have the fear of of being fired from our job. Instead of the fear of starvation we fear we don’t have the perfect body to be attractive and loved. The stress we experience is based on these fears of not working hard enough to be successful at our jobs, bodies, social lives and relationships. We put enormous pressure on ourselves because we were taught from childhood that this is how we’ll achieve happiness.  But can being in a fearful and stressed state really be the way to happiness?


Stress disconnects us from source

In a state of stress our heart rhythms become erratic. Our frontal cortex shuts down and we are unable to think clearly and solve problems. In this state we are also cut off from our connection to source through our heart and are unable to access it’s divine wisdom. As many people are in a state of fight or flight almost 24 7 they are not able to connect with their heart’s guidance and so their actions are controlled by fear and stress not love.


EFT helps us unlock the treasures of the heart 

If the stress we feel is not acknowledged and released eventually the body will try and speak to you through physical symptoms and disease. EFT can help us understand the emotions behind the stress and where they originate from. Through tapping we can begin to open our hearts once again to connect with the truth of our emotions and release them. Once you recognise that all feelings, even the painful ones have a role to play in guiding you on your soul path it becomes easier to accept them as important wisdom from your heart.

When you unlock the pain held in your heart and release it you are free to rediscover all the other treasures contained within it that are difficult to access in an emotionally blocked state. Feelings of love, joy, compassion and gratitude for life. A true heart centred connection to other people and to life itself. In opening our hearts and releasing pain we find ourselves coming home to the eternal love of our soul.

© Amy Branton

Amy Branton runs Free Heart EFT a heart centred therapy practice covering Brighton & Hove, Worthing, Lewes, Shoreham-By-Sea and Lancing dedicated to helping people bring positive change to their lives by improving their emotional, physical and spiritual health and wellbeing using EFT and Matrix Reimprinting.





The heart feels when the soul knows

Many people feel anxiety as they try to keep up with the fast pace of their technologically ‘enhanced’ and ‘perfect’ life. Worrying they are somehow not enough without validating themselves through ownership of the latest consumer gadgets. All the while they are constantly bombarded with advertising messages about the next big thing. The problem is it is never enough. There is always something more, some new app, feature or function that promises the ultimate fulfilment.

All this means that today more than any other time it is harder to connect with the truth of our feelings and the message from our soul found within them.  Everyday we see people all around us clutching their mobile phones, pressing buttons and staring at the screen as if they somehow have the answer for the unmet collective need for a deeper connection with each other. Never before have we had so many ways of communicating with each other and yet there is so much isolation and loneliness caused by the industrial age.

Mossy Waterfall

Creating a sanctuary for your heart  

If this resonates with you don’t worry it is a good thing and a sign that you need to start listening more carefully to your feelings. To help you do this imagine a place you can go in your mind when you need to listen to your heart. It may be a room with an open fire and the warm glow of scented candles, it could be a beautiful waterfall with the water cascading down mossy rocks into a crystal clear pool or perhaps be a woodland in spring covered with a beautiful carpet of blue bells. It doesn’t matter where it is what’s important is that this special place is your creation and that it has meaning for you. You may choose to go there alone or you may invite others who are able to bring qualities of awareness that can support you in listening to the truth in your heart. Sometimes it takes courage to really hear what is being said, especially when it means bringing change into our lives. Remember you don’t have to fit in with other people’s feelings about life. Your heart is the doorway to your soul and as such it has unique messages of guidance just for you.

Make it a habit to go there regularly and ask your heart what you need to know, maybe you need some guidance or perhaps reassurance about a decision you have made. Whatever you need you can trust that your heart will connect you with the innate wisdom of your soul and the right answer will emerge.

Of course acting on it is a whole other matter….

© Amy Branton.

Amy Branton runs Free Heart EFT a heart centred therapy practice based in Sussex dedicated to helping people bring positive change to their lives using EFT & Matrix Reimprinting, therapies from the emerging field of energy psychology.